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After building our 1st house in Los Barriles, there could only be one contractor we could hire.  Tehroma Lask and Javier Cota of UBL did such a fine job on our beach house 13 years ago, that we had to hire them again for this marina house.  Now if only the marina would get out of our way so we could complete this project.  If you want the very best--hire them, UBL is the very best.  Thanks Tehroma and Javier for being our friends, and contractors.  Geoff & Tina


Las Acacias
has been built and grown along the lines our family has built and grown itself. It is as eclectic in its style as we are ourselves. It is colorful, cheerful, yet serene in the midst of all the architectural details, movement in lines and overall design. It is also a place where we experiment on finishes and ideas before we apply them to our client’s homes. It is a living work of art. It is our home.  Javier & Tehroma
Hacienda el Encanto

Of our hacienda, my father felt that one could walk the property for a month and keep discovering subtle details. He described our home, the surrounding sea and mountains, the lifestyle, as "salubrious". He was spot-on and as I sit here in Alaska listening to the heavy rain, watching the yellow leaves fall and the mountaintops turn white, my mind wanders south…to Los Barriles. A house is not a home. A home is where the heart is and Los Barriles has become our treasured second home. Thank you wise Javier, creative Tehroma, and your smiling artisan crew. Our hacienda, that we all poured so much energy into, is truly a rock-solid work of art! Chris V

Casa Loma

One of the most amazing features of the home Tehroma and Javier designed and built for us is its connection to the outdoors.  Each window in every room is placed to take advantage of the marvelous views.  Some windows are placed as if to perfectly frame a painting.  We enjoy the beautiful changes in the lighting on the Sierra Laguna Mountain range to the west and the amazing sunrises on the Sea of Cortez to the east.  The rooftop deck took our breath away when we first saw the completed house.  The attention to detail and the craftsmanship provided by Tehroma and Javier's talented crew makes our home a delight.  We marvel at the satillo tiles which pave our home with almost unbelievable skill and precision.  We are so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with Tehroma and Javier and their entire crew.  The house welcomes us every time we enter. The finished house is truly our home.

Bill & Kay

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