Rancho el Aventadero


Rancho el Aventadero has been in Javier’s family for over three decades. His father purchased the land in the 1960’s and mainly used it for raising cattle to feed his family. Milk was often sold to supplement the family income. When Javier’s father Pilar passed away in 1980, the rancho was left idle, where it sat unattended until 2009 when Javier, his brother and nephew began to revive the land. Current farm animals include cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens. Fifty mango trees cover a large portion of the land, feeding our family and friends during the summer months. Many a mango went into a salad in Café LA this season. Aside from raising farm animals and growing delicious and juicy Kent mangos, between October and April, Javier and artisans from our building crew grow a large vegetable garden for our own consumption. One extremely happy day was the one Javier discovered a natural spring of water approximately 1,000 meters west of the ranch. He then ran ½” and ¾” pvc pipes from the spring to a 60,000 liter pila built on site. All vegetation and farm animals are watered from this natural spring. Aside from irrigation water storage, there are also three 2,500 liter storage containers to supply the future homestead. A sustainable Cob cottage has been designed for the site. The slab foundation is in place, as well as, support columns. Building on the cottage happens in line with spirit of one of our favorite Mexican says, poco a poco (little by little). Rancho el Aventadero is Javier’s sanctuary, a tribute to family history and a quiet place for him, family and friends to work and walk a piece of beautiful desert land.

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