Outdoor Living

In Baja, outdoor living is pure pleasure. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing, surround yourself with greenery, the sky above , mountains and water beyond. The possibilities for creating the perfectly Unique Beautiful and Livable outdoor living area are endless.
Casa Las Tijeretas


These artists turned a not so nice looking entry, into a lovely, smooth entry from the beach.

I worked on the design with Tehroma over the magic of email. She is wonderful with "Picture Friday" report.

The only thing more that I can add is that you and your crew are so wonderful about ALL the clean up after the job is done. One does not even know what really went on during the job.  


Alex & Elena 

Casa Huespedes

Tehroma and Javier drew up a plan to build around the existing fruit trees and other plants, and create a new patio, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor shower. The end result is a beautiful, warm, cozy, welcoming space that has quickly become not only our favorite sanctuary, but also a great place to entertain our friends. Loads of seating along those curvy benches!


Josiane & Sandy

Hacienda el Encanto

Javier, Tehroma, and their Fantastic artisan crew have once again created more unique, beautiful, liveable space in our great outdoors. It's magical! It's MexiZen! Our seaside rocks!


Chris & Tom

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